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Four reasons you need to improve your load time

  1. Search engines like Google fancy load time of websites more and more. Matt Cutts from Google stated that a faster load time can increase organic Google rankings!
  2. Research has proven that faster websites equal lower bouncerates and thus higher conversion rates.
  3. A faster WordPress backend means happier and more productive employees.
  4. Fast WordPress sites have a higher uptime under heavy load.

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The company behind WPSpeedReview

We are true experts in speeding up and diagnosing WordPress sites. Our developers and system engineers are experienced in every aspect of WordPress, PHP, MySQL and tuning hosting configurations specifically for WordPress.

Apart from speed reviews and managed WordPress hosting we have consulted a number of clients on specific performance or security related subjects.

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  • More than 10 dedicated professionals
  • Have seen the inside of hundreds of WordPress sites
  • Experience in php and mySQL
  • Experience in high performance hosting

An example of our work for


A significantly decreased load time


A perfect score at (last two are external), a big Dutch blog about mobile devices, hired WPSpeedReview to improve their loadtime and reduce downtime. With the advice from WPSpeedReview they succeeded in both: After implementing the proposed changes the loadtime was reduced by approximately 50%. Androidplanet was also experiencing several downtime incidents per month and has had zero downtime since the implementation of the changes. owner Peter Geurts:

“We have been looking for a partner to support us in improving performance while scaling our high-traffic website. We have found this partner in WPSpeedReview. Their knowledge and personal touch is unsurpassed and made us reach our goals in both performance and scalability.”



Why choose WPSpeedReview?


Personal approach

We will take the time to get a very clear problem definition. If this does not fit within our standard reviews we can do a custom review for you.


Easy to understand

Not only will you be able to improve your site speed but you will also know WHY your site was slow before and how to avoid it in the future.



Our team has years of experience in webdevelopment and system engineering. We are not only experienced in WordPress, php and MySQL but also in hosting, caching and server configuration.

Always Faster

Site speed matters. With our reviews you get actionable advice to improve your load time and even uptime. On average we can make sites 3 times faster!


A quick look at our packages

Application Review

When your back-end is the culprit.



Our application review is perfectly suited when your back-end is the culprit of your slow loading times.

We start this analysis after an intake.

-Plugin check
-Theme check
-Query analysis
-Log analysis
Front-End Review

When rendering is slow



Our front-end review offers all you need to know to speed up the rendering of your webpages. We will need acces to your WordPress site and hosting.

We start this analysis after an intake.

-Image optimisation
-Renderblocking resources
-Combining css/JS
-and more...

When your hosting slows you down



The hosting review is an analysis of your hosting. We will need acces to your WordPress site and hosting.

-Are caching methods available and used?
-Is MySQL properly tuned?
-Webserver configuration